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Teak Wooden Utensil Set


Beautiful, smooth, and sturdy



These wooden utensils won't scratch your pots and pans, and unlike silicone or plastic utensils, they won’t melt which makes them suitable for high heat.



Quality kitchen utensil sets that can replace the silicone ones that have come apart over the years.  these utensils not only add to the joy of cooking but also look good! 


Teak Wooden Utensil Set

Perfect for a housewarming gift and gift to yourself as an upgrade to your current utensils.


Teak Wooden Utensil Set


Great for cooking pasta sauce, tossing salad, turning fish, and flipping pancakes.


Teak Wooden Utensil Set


This Teak Wood Cooking set is a handy investment that can help you prepare food and add to the look of your kitchen. Made from natural teak and coated with food-grade oil. 


Teak Wooden Utensil Set


Material: Teak Wood 

Care: Hand wash the utensils with warm water immediately after use 

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