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Soothe Sphere Massage Roller


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Relieve muscle pain all by yourself ¨C anytime, anywhere!
Soothe cramps?from sore and tired muscles in your hands, legs, feet or shoulder in as little as 15 seconds! The SootheSphere Massage Roller is a handheld massager with an?ergonomic base handle?containing a?smooth, easy-glide ball?that spins freely in its base, allowing for easy accessibility to massage anywhere. It?glides smoothly on the skin or even over clothes! You can easily position it to the aching areas and glide it in any direction you want and apply the pressure that suits you. Due to the shape and design, the SootheSphere fits great in your hand, and?you have complete control?- use more pressure for a deep tissue massage, and less for a calming, stress-relieving light massage. By bringing?much-needed blood flow?directly to the areas you need the most, it?eases tension, relieves pain, and can even help with inflammation! With little effort, roll out neck strains, sore shoulders, upper back, arms, legs, feet and anywhere on your body within reach!?
Relief stiffness and muscle soreness after a long day in the comforts of your own home!?Small and light enough to fit in your bag, the SootheSphere Massage roller can be used at work, home, or on the go! It is made from a?premium quality 6mm diameter resin ball?housed in a?durable ABS plastic body, weighing a mere 150g.


The SootheSphere Massage Roller works great on?leg cramps, and is especially useful for?aching back and hips?during pregnancy. It is great for arthritis sufferers who can't use their hands to massage for long periods,?athletes?needing maximum performance with little downtime, and?chronic pain sufferers?from conditions like?plantar fasciitis!

?Need a little extra soothing? You can freeze the SootheSphere Massage Roller for?help with inflammation, or?use it with your favorite essential oils. Specially designed with a small opening on the bottom for use with essential oils or lotions,?apply naturally soothing and healing essential oils to your manual massage!?Simply clean with warm water when you are done!?

Try this therapeutic, all natural muscle relaxer today!
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