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Portabale Paw Pool


Bring paradise to your backyard!

Do your pets miss having fun outside? Turn those hot summer days into a paradise for your pets with our new Paw Pool! Unlike any other inflatable pool, The Paw Pool is built to last and is made for each and every pet.


Sets up in seconds - Simply unfold the pool, ensure the drain plug is closed and fill it up with water! Requires ZERO inflation!

Easy packing - When playtime is over, open the drain plug to drain the water and fold it up!

Does not leak or tear - Made with extra-durable high-density fiberboard and high-quality industrial strength PVC.

Safe for all dogs - Made with an anti-slip interior, your pets can safely jump around as much as they want.?

Fun for all sizes - Comes in 4 different sizes to fit any pet of any size!

*We recommend purchasing one (1) size larger for your pet, for a better fit.

Dimensions (dia*h)
(in Inches / CM)
Pet Weight
(in Lbs / Kgs)
(12*4") / (30*10)
17 / 8
(32*8") / (80*20)
33 / 15
(47*12") / (120*30)
66 /?30
(63*12") / (160*30)
88 / 40