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Finger/Extensor Training and Recovery Device


Finger Flexion and Extension Training Device

Our Finger exerciser helps for rehabilitation training of fingers and can improve finger strength for athletes and musicians.  

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The perfect design of our finger and hand extensor exerciser leads you to the maximum motions of range in exercising. Velcro-type adjustment can be worn by anyone with a comfortable fit, regardless of wrist circumference.

  • FINGER WORKING OUT: Finger working out is a rehabilitation sport that trains fingers to separate and stretch, keeping hands in normal posture. With our Hand trainer with a resistance band, you can exercise fingers, wrist strength.

  • FOR REHABILITATION: Our Handgrip workout equipment is designed to increase the strength of the fingers, wrists and forearms Exercise each finger trainer individually or the entire hand-arm strengthener. It isolates and exercises each finger individually for strength, dexterity, and endurance.

  • CORRECT MUSCLE PROBLEM: This Hand Grip Exerciser is meant to correct muscle problems and increase blood flow to the affected area. It helps people with arthritis reduce hand pain and stiffness while also improving finger function and movement for better finger mobility.

  • PROFESSIONALS RECOMMENDED: Hand Yoga is being used by many international professionals in various fields such as musicians, physical therapists, doctors, and technicians for their healthy hands and finger.

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