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Car Solid Glass Cleaner(10PCS)


Small and Light, No Residue after Stain Removal

Maintain the Car while Cleaning!



Simple to Use

Put a car windshield clean effervescent tablet into the wiper can, then fill it with water. Or first dissolve the windshield cleaner with a container, then pour the dissolved cleansing fluid into the wiper jar.

Rich application scenarios

Car effervescent washer not only suitable for cleaning car's glass, but also reduce friction, protect glass surface and extend the service life of wiper blades. Suitable for mirror cleaning, window cleaning and tile cleaning.

Save Your Money

Our Versatile Effervescent tablets Tablets will help you to save costs.1 tablet+4L water= 4L windshield washer, you will get 240 liters of windshield glass washer. Fully dissolved without residue.

Environmental friendly

Biodegradable, phosphate and fragrance free formula,no chemical bleach.



Package Included: 10* concentrated wiper