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HouzPlus™ Car Seat Cover(🔥Semi-Annual Sale - 50% OFF )


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Tired of having a dirty car seat after your pets sit in them?

Dirty car seat


Let excess dog hair sticking to the seat, muddy paw prints and scratched seats be a thing of the past!

The Adventurer Car Seat Cover is perfect to cover your car seats directly from any dog, especially if they are heavy shedders.

Here are a few more great reasons why this is the ultimate pet car seat cover:



This car seat cover protects the rear seats, the back of the front seats and the passenger doors on both sides from any excess fur or fluids from your dog. This cover on all sides reduces or completely eliminates the need for cleaning up after every trip.

Cover on all sides



This cover is made out of environmentally-friendly plastic (TPU). This not only ensures that this cover is great for the environment, it also guarantees your car seats are fully covered from any fur or fluids from your dog sticking onto them.




Apart from the waterproof thermo plastic body, the cover also comes with a mesh net between the driver and passenger seats to allow for ventilation on warm days. Keeping your dog cool and comfortable in every car ride has never been better!

Mesh Window



The Adventurer Car Seat Cover is easy and quick to install with only a few steps. Please see our installation instructions below.


This car seat cover is easy to clean as it is machine washable to remove stains. The Adventurer Car Seat Cover can also be vacuumed using a hand vacuum to remove any excess fur. 

easy to clean






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